Design Build

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Design Build

Design build has always been an integral part of Manorcore Groups Inc. services. With partnerships and associations with specialized consulting firms throughout Ontario, we develop a team to supply innovative and compelling solutions to meet or exceed our client’s requirements. Responsibility for completion of projects and fulfillment of contracts is solely ours. We are proud to offer finance and lease-back alternatives that are very competitive, through our relationships with several Canadian financial and lending institutions.

Commitment to Teamwork and Communication

Manorcore Group Inc. (MGI) success in the commercial construction industry is due partially to our own commitment to teamwork and communication. Believing that for each project, our group of skilled professionals conduct themselves as an extension of our client’s organization. We have proven experience, working with individual client focus groups, including speciality areas as security, marketing and in house operations.

Commercial & Retail projects are known for their tight schedules and changing requirements. Manorcore recognizes that “time is money” and we carefully work with clients and their consultants to professionally handle alterations while maintaining the original schedule.

Cornerstone of Our Reputation

MGI considers all of its sub-contractors important team members. It is these Tradespeople that have been the fundamental cornerstone of our reputation for ingenuity and helped to maintain our record of exceptional quality.

MGI has the ability and experience, with the skill of our staff to bring any project from the initial planning stages through construction to a successful completion. We have had the opportunity to work with some of the giants in the industry and learn from both their successess and shortcomings, helping to give us insight into the process and deadlines necessary for bringing a project to fruititon on time and on budget.